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Ages 2yrs 6mos - 6 years

Our Preschool and Kindergarten programs incorporate a combination of teaching techniques and pedagogy’s that offer the optimal mix of educational practices.  It is our belief that there are many paths to ideal teaching and learning.  We take the best of different worlds and blend them into a curriculum that develops the “whole” child (physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional).  We focus on independent and group learning, the development of fine and gross motor skills, listening and communication, acceptable and adaptive social behavior, critical thinking, and collaboration amongst peers.


Our day begins on line time with discussions of expectations, goals, and objectives. Through various forms of communication we connect with each child on a group and individual basis.   Spanish immersion is incorporated at focal points throughout the day.  Conversations and lessons are communicated in Spanish using fun and stimulating activities. Montessori offers many individual and group projects that allow the child the opportunity to work alone or in small groups at their own pace with guidance from a teacher.  It is our belief that children use their own resources to problem-solve and adapt.  We simply support and encourage those values. Our classrooms are specifically designed to support this type of instruction.


There is ample playtime in the morning and afternoon and naptime is an option for those children that need the rest.  In addition to Montessori values, basic iSTEM (integrative and innovative science, technology, engineering, math) activities are incorporated into the daily schedule.  As children mature, they will be introduced to more complex assignments that utilize the latest technology. Financial literacy will also be introduced as part of the iSTEM process.  We want to encourage responsibility and accountability in all facets of life.  


In a complex and evolving world, we are committed to encompassing cutting edge technologies to enhance learning. Keeping this in mind we plan on adding a chicken coupe and green house that will use aquaponics.. Learning life cycles and actively participating in life giving experiences brings the circle of life back to where we started, laying the foundation of human decency and self motivating our future generation to be the very best they can be.

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