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Aspen Park Montessori utilizes personalized learning while providing access to cutting edge technology.  This gives students flexibility when dealing with physical space, learning time frames, and instructional modalities. It also provides the best process for enriching learning on an individual basis.  This new paradigm offers teachers an unprecedented opportunity to redefine their roles and create custom-made educational plans that strategically focus on individual’s strengths. 

Aspen Park Montessori School of Innovative Technologies and World Languages is a child-centered environment. Children are given the opportunity to learn concepts and form their own knowledge base and understanding in a way that honors their ideas and thought systems.  A blended learning atmosphere that provides a digitally rich project based environment will give childhood students the context and relevancy for learning via laptops, mobile devices, and technical tools/equipment. We believe that techno-fluency is very important for the development of 21st century skills to ensure a successful academic and career life.

Our classrooms are equipped with materials that support Montessori concepts while incorporating high tech resources and innovative developments appropriate for school aged children. Materials are strategically placed on shelves within hands reach and at eye level making access spontaneous and relaxed.  Tools are designed to fit in children’s hands effortlessly encouraging hands on learning and tactile dexterities.  Children develop abilities and make discoveries using these materials and incorporating these concepts. Coupled with nurturing interactions with teachers and peers, students foster the ability to concentrate, motivate and respect themselves and others while developing a love of learning.

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Drawing Together
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