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We are located next to the KING SOOPERS in Aspen Park, Colorado.

We are locally servicing the Conifer, Evergreen, Pine, Bailey, Morrison and other surrounding areas, and are open to children from all locations.

Aspen Park i-Montessori School was purchased in 2018. This building was formerly called the Montessori School of Conifer. We opened Aspen Park i-Montessori in 2019. Please be aware that Aspen Park i-Montessori has absolutely no affiliation with the Montessori School of Conifer.

Also note that Aspen Park i-Montessori has a Level 2 Program Quality Rating. This rating is a default rating as we have not yet been assessed. Due to COVID-19 this evaluation has been delayed. We are hoping to be audited late Spring or Early Summer of this year. Thank you for considering Aspen Park i-Montessori.

     ABOUT US     


Aspen Park Montessori is constantly improving and introducing new programs and agendas to our curriculum.  It has always been our dream to provide a learning environment that utilizes independent and group study; structure and free play, and social and classroom etiquette.  Through hands on learning and imagination, we are capable of creating anything.  We have incorporated and plan to expand our technology program that can be utilized as children become mature enough to handle the equipment.  We will also be bringing Immersion Spanish back into the classroom. We live in a country where being bilingual is almost a necessity nowadays.  Many other countries speak 2-4 languages while children in the U.S. speak only English.  It is time we catch up to the rest of the world and introduce our children to more culture and diversity.  


We also realize that so much learning happens outside the classroom.  We have recently added a chicken coop and bunny hutch adjacent to our newly remodeled playground.     We have 8 chickens and one bunny called Hazel.  The children are allowed to watch the chickens and bunny from outside a fenced area.  It has become a center of interest for each child.  As we take care of the chickens/bunny, feed them, and clean after them, kids gain a sense of responsibility and respect for wildlife.  We have also added planters around our outside yard.  We have planted over 40 tomato plants, squash, beans, and herbs.  The children not only helped plant our garden but have witnessed the growth of each plant as they are watered and nurtured over time. We have a greenhouse that we are finishing that will house different plants throughout the year. Growing plants should not be limited to summertime only.  


In the near future, we plan on bringing a hydroponics/aquaponics program into our school.  We have a designated room we will use for this.  And this is just the beginning.  We are excited about our many accomplishments and look forward to those projects in the planning stages.  


Keep Posted.  There are many exciting things ahead.

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We Incorporate STEM with Exposure to Cutting Edge Technologies

And Teach the Children Responsibility and Respect for Animal and Plant life

  • Chicken Coop

    We introduce students to chicken development and the role of chickens in providing food for humans (eggs), as well as nutrients for plants (compost). In our lessons, students will work either independently or in small groups to answer questions from what they see and experience when visiting the coop everyday. We like to focus on the basic needs of chickens, including their requirements for food, water, nutrients, health, and protection from predators, pests, and disease. 

  • Bunny Hutch

    Since our school is in the mountain region, Aspen Park Montessori respects the teachings of the 4H Club and supports educating our youth on the knowledge of  handling rabbits, identifying rabbit parts and learning their living/feeding equipment.  We want students to not only recognize a healthy rabbit but learn the ways to take proper care of our pets.  We want our children to be responsible and accountable.

  • Gardening

    Gardens are a wonderful tool to teach our children responsibility, promote healthy eating, and build self-esteem and confidence. All students come from very diverse backgrounds and through gardening it can increase communication and initiate and build an interpersonal relationship with our children. These gardens can consist of raised bed or container gardens, traditional in ground gardens, hydroponics, and aquaponics. 

  • New Playground

    The playground has been redesigned to provide a healthy environment where our children can run and exercise and also play on our various slides with a cushioned landing. We provide all kinds of play equipment that stimulate imagination and creativity through dramatic play.  Children can also play soccer and basketball as well as other types of sports.  Our students can visit the chicken coop and rabbit hutch which are fenced off but located on our playground. They will also have access to visit the green house.


Maximizing Your Child's Potential

We want to maximize your child’s potential.  Aspen Park Montessori has developed programs that are stimulating, hands-on, and fun.  We have found that our full-time program best supports and builds on the qualities so important for success.  For this reason, we have decided to only offer the full time option.

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  • Drones

    Drones provide an opportunity to see principles of physics in action. You can teach kids about physics concepts by using a drone. Through real-time demonstrations children learn the concepts of flying. These flight machines are an excellent way to learn about concepts such as angular momentum, lift, thrust, drag and more.

  • 3d Printing

    3D design is a great way to get kids thinking about problem-solving, spacial skills, and critical thinking, all essential concepts when teaching kids to code. 3D design and printing are a great way to get artistic kids into coding and computational thinking.

  • Computers

    Thanks to technology, your child is probably already familiar with computers. The changing nature of computers means that kids’ first introduction to computers isn’t a laptop or desktop anymore. But there’s real value in teaching kids how to use an old-school keyboard and mouse computer; they’re going to need to know how to use it for schoolwork, and some activities are easier on traditional computers.

  • Virtual Reality

    Virtual reality can be used to enhance student learning and engagement. VR education can transform the way educational content is delivered; it works on the premise of creating a virtual world — real or imagined — and allows users to not only see it, but to interact with it. 


Ages 3 - 6

We offer dynamic and enriching Preschool and Kindergarten programs for children from ages 3-6.  We are open year-round and enroll on a space-available basis.  We do not believe that education stops during the summer months.  We therefore continue our instructive programs throughout the year. 



(Pending Approval)

Ages 6 - 9

Aspen Park Montessori is introducing an Elementary program.   We are excited about this addition to our school.  Please contact the school for details.



(Currently Unavailable)

Ages 10 - 13

Aspen Park Montessori, School of Innovative Technologies and World Languages will be introducing a Middle School program. Please contact us for more details.


(Currently Unavailable due to COVID-19)

Currently, our before and after school programs have been cancelled due to COVID-19.  Please contact the school for any questions.


Our goal is to provide an environment that supports the intellectual and social needs of every child.  We strive to develop highly functional and socially balanced individuals who use their cognitive abilities to problem solve and their imaginations to create. 



We realize each child is different and therefore cultivate an atmosphere that adapts and modifies teaching techniques to each child’s personality and temperament.  It is our ultimate desire to support a generation of highly functioning, responsible, and well adjusted adults who will take us to the next level of our evolving future.

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25782 Vosler Street, Conifer CO, United States 80433


P.O. Box 1531, Conifer, CO 80433


Cell:  (303) 668-1532

Toll Free:  (888) 412-0182

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Cell:  (303) 668-1532

Toll Free:  (888) 412-0182

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