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We are a small community school owned by a husband-and-wife team.  We have a vision of providing a quality education at an affordable price.  We want every child to have the opportunity to participate in an enriching and inspirational program that offers endless possibilities.  Children are incredible learners.  We just need to offer lessons and programs that stimulate their minds.  And while we are at it, let’s make it fun.  Children are capable of so much.  Let's build on that.  At our school, we embrace teaching modalities that bring incredible results.    Visit our school and see for yourself.

Aspen Park i-Montessori is a “year-round school”.  Learning never ends.  Although we embrace the opportunity to teach throughout the year, our summer months are filled with fun activities and lots of outdoor play.  We have a huge playground  filled with all kinds of outdoor toys and equipment.  We provide lots of covered and shaded areas that support many crafts and activities.  Whether we are flying drones, caring for our garden, observing our chickens and pets, or just playing, we are having fun while learning.    

Servicing Conifer  I  Evergreen  I  Pine  I  Bailey  I  Morrison  I  Littleton  I  Denver  I  All Surrounding Areas