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We are a small community school owned by a husband-and-wife team.  We have a vision of providing a quality education at an affordable price.  We want every child to have the opportunity to participate in an enriching and inspirational program that offers endless possibilities.  Children are incredible learners.  We just need to offer lessons and programs that stimulate their minds.  And while we are at it, let’s make it fun.  Children are capable of so much.  Let's build on that.  At our school, we embrace teaching modalities that bring incredible results.    Visit our school and see for yourself.

Aspen Park i-Montessori is a “year-round school”.  Learning never ends.  Although we embrace the opportunity to teach throughout the year, our summer months are filled with fun activities and lots of outdoor play.  We have a huge playground  filled with all kinds of outdoor toys and equipment.  We provide lots of covered and shaded areas that support many crafts and activities.  Whether we are flying drones, caring for our garden, observing our chickens and pets, or just playing, we are having fun while learning.    

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Aspen Park iMontessori

Post Pandemic

We opened our doors 15 months before COVID hit. We almost hit our enrollment capacity.  As a new school, we were developing our programs and putting them into practice.  We were on the right track.  Then, overnight, our school was closed because of the Pandemic.  Who could see it coming?  Most of our students never came back.   But we are resilient and determined.  We reopened 6 weeks after our country literally shut down.  And somehow, we survived.  Fast forward to now.  Our enrollment has been up and down since COVID.  But this precious time has allowed us the freedom to incorporate new ideas and teaching modalities. 


We have been able to develop and put into action improved practices that really focus on each child individually.    We work with our kids on a far more personal level than ever before.  For starters, we are committed to a much smaller teacher to child ratio.  In early childhood ages 3-5, the required ratio is 1:10 (one lead teacher preferable certified to 10 kids).  Currently, our ratio is 1:6 with certified teachers.  Although that might fluctuate depending on staff availability, we are committed to keeping our ratios as low as possible.  With national budget cuts and staffing shortages, that is impossible for most schools. 


We teach to the child’s needs.  Because children learn through play, we provide the tools, toys, environment, and learning centers necessary to encourage growth and development.  While in group play, children are guided and coached in social skills, emotional literacy, friendship skills, and self-regulation.  Although math, literacy, science, and technology are reinforced throughout the day, we start working with our kids individually in these areas when ready.  The one-on-one time they receive is invaluable.  We work in accordance with their needs and understanding.  Every child is different so our teaching strategies may differ from child to child.   Pacing guides are used in many schools as children get older.  They are never used in our school.


Our kids are learning. And they are learning concepts and fundamentals at a rapid pace.  Kids nowadays, are hard-wired for technology.  But it’s not just technology.  Its everything.  Our children are very intelligent.  They are capable of learning so much more than we give them credit for.  And they love it.  They want to learn.  And they can in an environment that supports their growth.  Our students are excited, ready to share with their families what they have learned.  It is our job to encourage that.  At APM we are constantly challenging them, laying the foundation, supporting that foundation, and building on that foundation piece by piece.   We are committed to the evolution of each child.


The bottom line is this.  Our kids are learning amazing things in an amazingly short period of time.  We are gaining momentum and our results are getting the attention of the community.  See for yourself. 


We Incorporate STEM with Exposure to Cutting Edge Technologies

And Teach the Children Responsibility and Respect for Animal and Plant life


Maximizing Your Child's Potential

We want to maximize your child’s potential.  Aspen Park Montessori has developed programs that are stimulating, hands-on, and fun.  We have found that our full-time program best supports and builds on the qualities so important for success.  For this reason, we have decided to only offer the full time option.

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