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Welcome to Aspen Park Montessori. We, Santiago and Lori Grado, are the proud owners of this heartfelt school.  We would love for those interested  to come and visit our School of Innovative Technologies. Aspen Park Montessori is proud to have two outstanding teachers, Ms. Sue McCormack and Ms. Maddie McCormack. As a mother-daughter team, both provide academic instruction for Preschool and Kindergarten - 3rd Grade, respectively. Our focus is providing quality and family centered instruction in a caring, supportive, and structured environment.

Being an emergency provider during Covid, we are well informed and educated on the latest regulations and recommendations which have been implemented during this pandemic.  In a rapidly changing world, we are committed to providing safe and responsible supervision and education while incorporating the fundamental learning blocks so important in a child's development.  We would be honored for your children to attend our school.


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