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Our schoolyard has been a work in progress. It is truly a labor of love. We have added turf to our playground to make it safer and resilient to possible injuries and falls. Our playground has an added layer of rubber mulch that also protects our kids. We have a large selection of playground props, toys, and equipment that encourage large and small motor skill development, pretend play, and healthy physical movement and exercise. We have a garden this year and are adding more chickens to our coup. Eggs continue to be a source of interest and a wonderful opportunity for counting.

We added a concrete slab so the children can ride their bikes and small vehicles in a safer area. Our running track is a big hit, allowing children the space to simply run and push their toys out of the way of other activities. Our back track offers space for soccer and basketball. We plan to add more equipment and playground equipment. We also have a room for hydroponics that we hope to develop in the upcoming year. During the summer we have a number of covered areas and canopies with picnic tables that protect our kids from the hot sun.

We spend a lot of time outside and want to provide a comfortable environment for our students. Our altitude, cooler temperatures, and beautiful views make our location extremely desirable. Stay tuned for updates and improvements. Getting outdoors to play is a brilliant sensory experience for children. There is so much for them to see, explore and learn. The changing nature of the outdoors makes it an incredibly stimulating and multi-sensory place to play. This is important as young children learn and gain experience through all their senses. We recognize this and have invested a lot into modernizing the outdoor play area.

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